Welcome to 7 Mountain Sod

Seven Mountain Sod farm is a turfgrass sod producer located Lewistown, PA and serves all of Central Pennsylvania (PA) and beyond. We grow and sell 100% Kentucky Bluegrass sod which has numerous benefits. It instantly gets you out of the mud, prevents erosion, and has great aesthetic appeal for new homes and renovation projects. We sell sod wholesale and retail to landscapers, homeowners, garden centers/nurseries, etc. Feel free to call or email anytime with any questions regarding the benefits of sod for your specific situation, as well as its pricing and availability.

"During the 2006 Little League World Series 7 Mountains Sod came through in a real pinch We needed to re-sod in front of the pitcher’s mounds. During the 34 game schedule in 9 days the sod had become unsafe for play. We called 7 Mountains Sod, of course we needed sod the delivered right away. They came through. They delivered very high quality sod for us to use in front of the mound, within 12 hours. They cut, and delivered high quality sod to make the fields safe for play and ready for millions of people around the world to see"
– Mr. Jeff Fowler, Little League World Series Maintenance

"Our experience with Bell’s 7 Mountain Sod has been a very positive one over the years. To have the availability of a quality sod delivered to our job site in a prompt time frame is a true luxury as a landscape contractor. Jason Bell is a pleasure to work with and one who truly understands eh concept of customer service." 
– Drew Tomlinson, Lawnscape LTD
Landscape Designer / Owner


7 Mountain Sod • Lewistown,PA • 717-363-1016 • gotsod@7mtnsod.com